Seigneur Strategies has been set up to educate and empower professional women, first year university females and we specialise in working with children aged from 3-12 years old with Autism in improving their wholistic fitness, ie: their physical, mental, and financial fitness. 

We do this through our bespoke coaching programmes and workshops and events held regularly throughout the year. 

We also partner from time to time with other organisations who share our ethos and values to ensure that you  receive the best service and where applicable access to other services that could  support you or your child in becoming the very fittest person
in all areas of your life.

Pricing can vary dependant on package chosen.

Fiona Seigneur

We will focus on strengthening you in all areas of your life, physically, mentally and financially and by the end of the course you will be in a better situation to cope ...
Female Finesse Exclusive & Elite Package

We are a health and wellbeing company which focuses on teaching the three Ps Promotion, Prevention and Protection.  In order to have a balanced life., strategies are needed.


We work with first year university students in the midst of transitioning from home life to uni life and may be experiencing stress to high performing women who are finding the work/life balance a challenge.  We do this through focussing on providing tips and techniques to improve your fitness in mind, body, financial and spiritual wellbeing.